Scale PS200C/PS2300C

The medical equipment PS2200C/PS2300C is a scale that contains all the basic features and measurements such as weight, height (if the stadiometer accessory is incorporated) and the BMI.

The PS2200C/PS2300C scale has an exclusive design LCD display with organic shapes that offers a reliable and pleasant patient service and a large capacity platform with soft finishes.

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The main features of the PS2200C/PS2300C scale are the following:

  • Weight capacity of up to 300kg. that can be used to weigh both children and adults, even people with overweight problems
  • It is possible to add a stadiometer accessory that measures from 60 cm up to 200 cm
  • Calculate the BMI, the most commonly used indicator to identify weight problems
  • Level indicator to ensure maximum stability of the scale
  • Platform with resistant and non-slip surface
  • LCD screen 33 x 94 mm



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General description

The PS200C/PS2300C scale is a medical device that performs all the basic measurements such as weight, height (in case the stadiometer accessory is installed on the scale) and IMC. In addition, the scale DAVI&CIA PS200C/PS2300C incorporates a digital viewer with exclusive design that provides a better experience thanks to its LCD screen

Product Information

Especificaciones Descripción

General features

  • Weight 
  • Height (if coupled complementary accessory measuring rod)
  • BMI  (Body mass index)
  • Large LCD screen 33 (H) x 94 (W) mm
  • Holds the value on the screen with the touch of a key (Hold)
  • Key with the calculation function of the BMI
  • Large platform with resistant and non-slip surface
  • Handle for transportation
  • Adjustable feet
  • Wheels for easy transport

(Check the price)

  • It is possible to add a measuring rod accessory, measuring from 60 cm to 200 cm
  • Possibility to choose between analog height rod or digital height rod

Technical features

  • PS2200C: 200 kg
  • PS2300C: 300 kg.
  • PS2200C: 50g < 150kg < 100g
  • PS2300C: 100 kg
Dimensions340 (W) x 970(H) x 550(D) mm
Platform dimensions 340(W) x 970(H) x 450(D) mm
Electrical power supplyRechargeable Batteries/Adapter
Weight (included packaging)8,90 kg.
AccessoriesAC1200M Measuring rod  
AC1200D Digital measuring rod