Height Rod AC1200M / AC1200D

The height rod AC120M/AC1200D have a simple use, weigh little and are easy to assemble. They can be easily connected to all our medical equipment to calculate the BMI automatically. In addition, the digital height rod AC1200D can transfer all data via RS232.

More information

The main features of the height rod AC1200M/AC1200D are:

  • Can be connected directly to the scales to calculate the BMI automatically
  • Simple use with one hand. The height rod adjusts smoothly to the patient
  • Folding flap
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Ability to transfer data via RS232 (only model AC1200D)


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General description

The height rod AC1200M/AC1200D is a practical and user-friendly product. It contains a folding reglilla and has the possibility of connecting with the scale to calculate the BMI automatically. Our digital height rod AC1200D also has the ability to transfer data via RS232.

Product Information

Especificaciones Descripción

General features

  • Height (up to 200 cm)
  • Calculate the BMI if it is connected directly to the scale
Measuring rod
  • Simple use. Gently adjusts to the patient
  • Folding flap
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • You can transfer the data via RS232 (only model AC1200D)

Technical features

Measuring range
  • AC1200M: 60-200 cm.
  • AC1200D:  120-200 cm. 
Divisions 1 mm
  • AC1200D: Hold/Reset/Unit/USB Transfer
  • AC1200M: 45(W) x 1625 (H) x 38(D) mm
  • AC1200D:  30(W) x 1780(H) x  48(D) mm
  • AC1200M: 0,65 kg.
  • AC1200D:  0,85 kg.
Electrical power supplyAAA Batteries
  • AC1200M: Mechanic
  • AC1200D:  Digital
AccessoriesSupport for scale assembly