Baby scale MS3500

The baby scale MS3500 is a device that allows you to measure the body weight of babies or small children to control their development. The measuring range of this weighing scale-babies are from 0 kg to 20 kg.

This baby scale model is digital and very precise when determining body weight. Its digital screen allows easier reading of the baby’s weight.

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The main features of the MS3500 baby scale are:

  • Dynamic weight function. Ideal for babies does not stop moving during the measurement process
  • Hygienic tray. Easy to clean
  • Anti-slip position of the tray and platform, with rubber feet
  • Ergonomic shapes ensure baby comfort in the tray
  • The Hold function holds the value of the weight on the screen with only press a key


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General description

The MS3500 baby scale is ergonomically designed to ensure baby comfort in the tray. Your tray is hygienic and very easy to clean. The MS3500 baby scale digital and has a dynamic weighing function to help perform the measurement correctly on restless babies.

Product Information

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General features

  • Dynamic weight function. Ideal for restless babies
  • Hold the value on the screen with the touch of a key (Hold)
  • Ergonomic shape that ensures baby comfort in the tray
  • Hygienic tray. Very easy to clean
  • Anti-slip positioning of the tray and platform, with rubber feet

(Check the price)

  • It is possible to add a measuring rod accessory, measuring between 35 and 80 cm
  • Bag for easy transport

Technical features

Capacity20 kg.
Divisions5 g < 10 kg < 10 g
Dimensions560 (W) x 290 (D) x 120 (H) mm
Platform dimensions560 (W) x 290 (D) mm
Electrical power supplyBattery AA/Adapter
Weight (included packaging)2,3 kg.
AccessoriesAC2080M Measuring rod
AC2080D Digital measuring rod
AC3000B Transport bag