Skincare in summer

With the arrival of good weather we always go lighter clothes and therefore we expose ourselves more to the sun’s rays, for that reason we must know very how to take care of the skin in summer. To help you a little with this task of DAVI&CIA we want to offer you some tips that can be useful for the care of your skin in summer.

#10 Tips to take skincare in summer

1. Sun protection
Specialists recommend using sunscreen every day in all areas that will be exposed to the sun. Apply the product in these areas between 20 and 30 minutes before exposure. Repeat this process every 2 hours and whenever you are going to get out of the water.

2. Accessories
Also do not forget to use other protective measures such as the use of lipstick with SPF 15, sunglasses and hats.

3. Appropriate clothing
It is very important to use the right clothes at all times. It is recommended to use light and clear clothes that cover most of the body to avoid the direct action of the sun.

4. Time to sunbathe
It is also very important to try to avoid sunbathing from 10 o’clock in the morning until 5:00 o’clock, because during this time the solar action is stronger. If you can not avoid sun exposure during those hours, do not forget to always use sun protection, a hat and sunglasses.

5. Hydratation
Dehydration should be avoided one of the most common problems in summer. To prevent this problem drinking water will allow you to maintain the hydration your skin needs to maintain its smoothness. To keep the skin hydrated, it is best to use a refreshing lotion that you can use during the day.

6. Face cleaning
You have to clean the face twice a day without fail because in summer the perspiration is greater and the pores can be covered.

7. Exfoliation
In summer (as in the rest of the year), exfoliation is important to eliminate dead skin cells and allow the skin to regenerate. In addition, this routine will help you to have a smooth skin.

8. Moisturizing cream
It is important to use a water-based moisturizer on both the face and body, this will keep the skin moisturized without the heat generating a film of fat on the surface.

9. Eliminate sodas
Although you are hot, avoid consuming sodas because they are one of the causes of the appearance of cellulitis and dehydration of the skin.

10. Monitor your skin
On the other hand, if you notice that there is a change in your skin (color, texture, moles or abnormal spots) consult your doctor. Any alteration of the skin (aesthetic or medical) detected in time, gives a greater chance that the treatments work.

And you, how do you take skincare in summer?

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