Scales DAVI&CIA for pharmacy

The evolution of pharmacy scale

The installation and placement of a pharmacy scale is the first step to start with the offer of services that can be offered to customers. This is a very important and fundamental part of a pharmacy and is highly demanded.

In recent years, there has been a breakthrough in terms of technology and the design of pharmacy scales. In our website you will find an example of the nov in the subject of scales of DAVI&CIA

Multiple benefits in a single team

Our pharmacy scales allow us to provide a lot of parameters such as height, weight and automatic calculation of body mass index (BMI). In addition, we have some concrete models that measure body fat through the AIB method (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis).

On the other hand, the DAVI&CIA pharmacy scales offer other features such as the electronic purse that accepts up to six types of coins, ticket cut with the results of the measurements and an interactive software with graphics, animations and a great visual impact that improves the experience of the user.

In addition, our scales provide a ticket model that provides additional information on food calorific diets and calorific expenditure and may have spaces for advertising for products that interest promote or the ability to customize some aspects of the machine.

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