Skin analyzer DpLite2

DpLite2 – Professional analysis available to everyone

Summer is coming and that is synonymous with good weather and sun exposure. The skin needs some care throughout the year and in summer these care needs to be intensified.

Putting yourself in the hands of professionals, for the detection of some kind of problem or simply carrying out a skin type study, is the best we can do. By making a personalized study of our skin you can improve different dermocosmetic aspects and prepare a personalized treatment for each case.

Dplite2 skin analyzer, ideal for the creation of a dermocosmetic consultation in your business. The advice and recommendations by the dermoanalizador are synonymous with professionalism and confidence because it offers personalized service and customer loyalty.

Therefore, we recommend the creation of a dermoesthetic section within the establishment or business to perform a personalized attention to the clients and carry out the analysis of the skin and recommend the appropriate products according to the result obtained in the study.

New professional system of measurement, cosmetic treatment and recommendation of products

The skin analysis system Dplite2 performs an analysis and diagnosis of the skin’s health: hydratation, pores, spots, wrinkles… Compare the results and images allowing to monitor the evolution achieved with the treatments.

The captured images of the skin for each of the parameters included in the analysis performed by DpLite2, is sent to the software of the machine and analyzed and processed to give the result to a diagnosis for each costumer.

The Dplite2 skin analyzer is the best ally to achieve greater customer turnover and increased revenue as a new business because it stimulates the sale of products specialized in hydration, acne problems, skin blemishes, skin cleansing, anti-wrinkle creams , etc.DpLite2 vista general

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