We measure your health

Manufacturer of scales,

blood preassure monitor and dermoanalizers

DAVI&CIA is a company founded in 1962, which is dedicated to the manufacture, sale and exploitation of electronic measuring, weighing and health care equipment. Many have already proven the precision, reliability and simplicity of our products: pharmacies, shopping centers, gyms, fitness centers, etc. Our products provide added value for you to offer to your clients

Presencia internacional

We have presence in more than 40 countries on five continents. We are one of the first companies in the sector and we have managed to implant ourselves in countries with the most demanding homologation processes in the world. The versatility of our equipment allows us to easily adapt them to the local language, currency or technical specifications. Thanks to this, we are in full international expansion.

Quality R+D

We work with high quality standards and control all phases of the manufacture of our equipment. Since we take care of the direct exploitation of our equipment, we receive first-hand information to investigate and improve the performance, quality and reliability of all products


We perform complete examinations of our products, which allows us to guarantee compliance with the strictest safety and quality standards required internationally.