DAVI & CIA is a company that manufactures, sells and operates health monitoring equipment. Many have already tried the accuracy, reliability and simplicity of our products: chemists, non-prescription chemists, shopping centres, gyms, fitness centres, etc. Our products provide added value for you to offer your customers.
Operating on an International level
DAVI & CIA operates in more than 40 countries throughout all 5 continents. We are among the sectors leading manufacturers worldwide and we operate in countries where the procedures to obtain official approval are the most demanding in the world. The versatility of our equipment means they can be easily adapted to the local language, currency or technical specifications. Thanks this, we are now launching our full international expansion.
Full Quality
We work by fulfilling high quality standards and we control all the manufacturing stages of our equipment. Since we are responsible for the direct operation of our equipment, we receive information first hand to conduct research and improve the features, quality and reliability of our products.
R&D Department
We have our own R&D Department, which means we can innovate to adapt to our customers’ needs.
We conduct full tests on all our products, which means we can provide a guarantee that our equipment is in compliance with the strictest safety and quality standards demanded at an international level.
Profitability and Service
The DAVI & CIA equipment has proven efficiency, as claimed in commercial areas and establishments. They increase customer flow in places that are not very busy and due to its low maintenance requirements, the operator need not worry about the equipment and only visit it on a regular basis to collect the income.

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