Dpmini capillary analyzer is a portable diagnostic system that uses the Dermobella app to analyze the condition of the hair and scalp, manage records, measure customers and recommend products and treatments according to the result obtained.

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The main features of the Dpmini hair analyzer are the following:

  • Lightweight and compact in size for better use and transport
  • 1/4 inch camera 5 MP CMOS in color. High resolution and high sensitivity
  • Wi-Fi communication. The image sensor works wirelessly and transfers images to the software in real time
  • Includes USB charging cable for long periods of use
  • App Dermobella compatible for Android and iOs
  • Send the results of the analysis by email



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General description

Dpmini hair and scalp analyzer is a portable diagnostic system equipped with powerful software to analyze the condition of the hair and scalp and manage the records, measurements and results of the clients. Through his camera he analyzes different parameters such as scalp condition, density, dead skin cells, sensitivity, hair thickness and condition of hair follicles. When Dpmini has completed the analyzes, the results are summarized graphically, indicating both the numerical value and the corresponding range for each measurement and advising products and treatments for case.

Product Information

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General features

MeasurementsMake the following measurements:
  • Scalp condition
  • Dead skin cells
  • Sensitivity
  • Hair thickness
  • Condition of hair follicles
  • 1/4 inch 5 MP CMOS color camera with high resolution and high sensitivity
  • Optical Zoom
Optics for hair analysis
  • MultiLED: White - Polarized
  • Modo VSL: Density
  • Modo XPL: Sensitivity, dead cells and thick
ConnectivityWi-Fi. Wi-Fi direct
Rechargeable battery
  • 110mAh (Li-Polymer), 60-90 min of continuous operation
  • Quick charge connection through the base (12V)


10.1" tablet
USB charging cable

Technical features

Weight (without battery, with lens)148 g.
Battery1050 mAh Li-Ion Polymer
Dimensions (without lens)19 (H) x 21 (W) x 9 (D) cm
Max. Consumptionabout 2,5 W with standard lens