DpCompact 2

The new DpCompact2 is a device with a light and compact design that contains the basic elements of measurement. Measures hydration, pores, uniformity, wrinkles, blemishes, fat/sebum and as a novelty acne. Its design stands out for its shapes, for its elegance, giving the best service, the best image.

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The DpCompact2 skin analyzer offers the following features:

  • Good image quality
  • Triple lens x60 with automatic polarization that allows to see three layers of the skin
  • Determination of skin type by sebum samples made with disposable tallow indicators
  • Double hydration with built-in sensor
  • Sterilization with automatic UV lamp
  • Wi-Fi communication. The image sensor works wirelessly and transfers images to the software in real time Dermorprime App


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General description

The DpCompact2 team is a skin diagnostic team that recommends treatments and products to each person based on the results obtained. This system uses a device with integrated lenses that connect via Wi-Fi network remotely to a tablet that contains the installed Dermorprime app.

The skin analysis equipment DpCompact2 performs diagnosis of the following parameters of the skin (Hydration, Pores, Stains, Wrinkles, Acne, Skin type, Sebum, Keratin)

*Includes disposable tallow indicators to determine the skin type of each client and keratin

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