Welcome to your new Health Center!
DAVI & CIA innovates for their customers with the new CardioPrime equipment and the new online application www.cardioprime.net.
The new CardioPrime system allows its users to access the results of their measurements and historical from their PC, tablet or smartphone, at any time, from anywhere.
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New CardioPrime equipment
DAVI & CIA presents the most advanced range of multifunction scales for prevention and health care, with new measurements and a new service for customers that allows them to monitor their results.
Touchscreen, advertising management and wireless connectivity are some of the features offered by these new multifunction equipment.
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New automatic height rod for medical scales
In Davi & Cia, we put the highest accuracy at the service of medical professionals. Thanks to the new automatic height rod, which adapts to different scales, it is possible to measure the patients automatically and record the result, just by pressing a button.
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The most complete skin analysis system
DermoPrime is the most advanced range of skin measurement equipment. It also offers a fast, completely tailored service, catering to each customer’s needs.
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